Friday, January 30, 2015

Back at it

I'm back at it. This blogging thing.

Not sure for how long. Perhaps to no one, but myself and maybe my sweet husband.

I've been holding off because I haven't wanted to just be one of the masses of moms uploading their lives to the faceless, person-less internet.

And yet, here I am.

Perhaps because in this ever changing days of screens that flash across my eyes many times a day, I crave a place to put down some thoughts. To make the swirling craziness in my brain a bit more concrete. To give them shape. And, in doing so, to give my day to day life a shape to observe, admire, exammine. These are the days of endless noise- moans, squeals, tears, giggles-- and of endless touching- nursing, bandaging, diapering, wiping, hugging, snuggling, pushing hair back, rinsing hands and dishes- days of endless motion-- stomping, running, rolling, tickling, pushing, up stairs and down stairs, crawling, walking, dancing...And yet somehow, these days roll around one into the other until its hard to know what happened, who'ds happened...easy to just move through the chaos and nebulousness of this life. But, my wish is to pay attention. To the good and the bad. To note in order to notice. Or to notice in order to note.

So, here's to noticing. And noting.